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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Gilly decided Simon needed some help with his language development.

First, the basics: the alphabet.


At 7:01 PM , Blogger Sara said...

She even knows that B is for BABY!

Is it just me, or is Simon already half as big as Gilly? What are you feeding that kid?! You need a bigger house...

At 10:21 AM , Blogger Schpan said...

I'm with Sara. That is one adorably big baby. Are you just pinching his little fat rolls all day? I would be...

At 5:41 PM , Blogger Adam said...

The camera angle is a little funny, but he is about half Gilly's weight already. The boy likes to eat.

We've refrained from pinching, but we do poke his fat rolls. He's very squishy :)


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