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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hiking in the Rain

We went for a short father-daughter hike this morning, on a small hill nearby. It was raining, but Gilly really needed to get out of the house and burn off some energy, or we were ALL going to go crazy. It turned out well, since the rain tapered off about midway through our hike.

It was fun to see Gilly get excited about things that I would never notice, like the rock she's posing next to (below). She was walking along and all of a sudden started yelling, "turtle rock! turtle rock!" (You can see the "eyes" and "mouth")

We also spotted loads of salamanders. I've never seen so many! They must be having a great summer, with all of the rain. I lost count of how many we saw, well into the dozens.

We also saw this creepy-crawly spider. It was pretty big, and had spun its web right across the trail at eye level. I almost walked into it (yuck).

Gilly collecting some fern samples:

The victorious summit shot:

A hazy view of Baker Tower down in Hanover:


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