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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Triple Trouble

And so it begins . . . they have learned to set aside their differences and collaborate against the common enemy: BEDTIME.

According to Lyn, Gilly and Simon asked to go to sleep in our bed the other night. This is a common occurrence lately. They fall asleep in our bed, and we transport them back to their own rooms once they're zonked out. Well, at least that's the case with Gilly. Simon usually ends up causing trouble, waking up Greta (who is in a crib in our room), jumping on the bed, etc.

Well, apparently Lyn went to go check on them after a bit. On her way to the room, she heard giggling, from ALL THREE of them (Greta had been asleep). The pictures below tell the rest of the story. They were having a grand old time, and Greta thinks her brother and sister are hilarious (so do we).


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