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Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas '06

Gilly had a GREAT Christmas. Last year she didn't seem to know that anything special was going on. This year she figured out that those boxes wrapped in colorful paper had fun stuff inside, and the best part was that she could rip up the paper without mom or dad telling her "no." She got lots of gifts, and especially loves her new dolls, and her baby carriage from Grammy Kathy. Now she loads up her carriage with dolls and drags them around the apartment, saying "baby! baby!" She also got a very nice Gilly-size hardwood table that Pops made for her, so she has a place to sit and color.

Here she is with her carriage (and a pair of Lyn's underwear that she is wearing as a scarf):

reading a book at her new table:

"Pops, are there any more presents in here?"

Gilly and Lyn in front of Grammy Kathy's Christmas tree:


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